COVID-19 Pandemic Response

The spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has touched just about every aspect of our daily lives, from our schools to places of work and prayer, our beloved sport teams, our favorite restaurants, and family incomes and investments. We at Team Banneker fully understand our responsibility to keep our Team Members and their families safe and to respond to the rapidly changing needs of all our Customers.

We at Team Banneker are incredibly fortunate to operate in very resilient markets with such a brave workforce who are committed to our customers’ success, in spite of the challenging circumstances. In the face of the massive supply chain and logistics networks’ disruptions, we were able to quickly respond and adapt our facilities, processes, and people to the new norm.

We are also very aware and sensitive to the tragic devastation caused – loss of life, property, businesses, and a theft of life’s simple pleasures –our hearts, minds, and prayers go out to all those affected. As a business, our continued focus throughout this crisis is to keep our operations safely running and to ensure that our Team Members feel safe, act safe, and actually are safe to be able to continue to provide for their families and service our customers.

As businesses, communities, and individuals continue to feel the impact of the crises, we want to share with you the steps we are taking to ensure business continuity while protecting the health and safety of our Team Members, our Customers, and the public.

We have established a cross-functional steering committee and a tactical response team to activate our business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Our Team is closely monitoring local and national reports on the evolving impact of the COVID-19 threat. We closely monitor the latest developments including updates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), public officials, and other leading health experts.

We have designed our COVID-19 response plan to accomplish four major objectives:

  • Reduce transmission at Banneker’s work sites;
  • Protect our Team Members and the public, especially those who are at higher risk for adverse health complications;
  • Maintain business operations and ensure consistent and high-quality service levels for our Customers, and;
  • Minimize adverse effects on our customers and other entities in our supply chain.

In addition to our normal sanitation processes, we have implemented the following administrative controls, safe work practices, and other precautionary measures to support health and safety and ensure uninterrupted business operations:

Hygiene & Prevention

  • Provided Team Members with the latest CDC guidance and information to help keep themselves, their families, and our Customers safe.
  • Encouraged Team Members to use enhanced hygiene practices, including frequent handwashing and social distancing. Team Members are asked to closely monitor their health and are required to leave the premises/remain home when not feeling well.
  • Increased the sanitization level and frequency in our facilities, office areas, transaction areas, trucks, equipment, and other touchpoints.


  • Restricted all non-essential travel, meetings or large gatherings. All non-essential meetings have been rescheduled or cancelled and all essential meetings have been moved to virtual meetings formats.
  • Established a dedicated website for Team Members to address all their needs and questions related to COVID-19.
  • Mandated a remote work policy for all eligible Team Members to reduce their exposure. Implemented COVID-19 specific PTO policies and financial assistance to encourage potentially sick Team Members to stay home and see a doctor.
  • Performed an analysis of our entire workforce and identified our most vulnerable Team Members so that we may take proactive steps to ensure their safety.
  • Safety personnel certified as COVID-19 Safety Managers which includes competencies in:
    • COVID-19 and OSHA Requirements
    • Masks and Personal Protective Equipment
    • COVID-19 Testing and Temperatures

3PL Operations

  • Implementing an independent two-shift staffing plan (where possible) to increase the social distance between Team Members and ensure continuity of operations should the threat of infection present itself.
  • Enhanced training and communication regarding general hygiene, social distancing, and other preventative behaviors. Reduced the use/reliance on shared equipment (i.e. printers and computers).
  • Implemented a “disinfect as you go” practice for work areas and equipment for start, mid, and end-of-shift procedures.


As of today, all our locations are open and serving our Customers. Our dedicated Team Members are working hard to keep the warehouse operations running and inventory flowing in and out. As a supply chain management leader, we are laser focused on continually adapting our operations to serve all our stakeholders.

Banneker offers opportunities for talented individuals who are faced with unemployment and layoffs in this challenging time. If you would like to know more about our current openings, click HERE to visit our Careers page.

We will continue to actively monitor the situation and take the necessary actions to ensure the safety of our Team Members, our Customers, and our communities. We will continue to share information and plans with our Customer representatives as the situation unfolds. Thank you for your business, your partnership, and your continued faith in Team Banneker.