Doing Business with Banneker Supply Chain Solutions

Banneker is a world class integrated logistics and supply chain management solutions provider. We solve problems along every step of the supply chain continuum, from procurement to final delivery. We offer procurement of complex electronics, custom components and raw/machined metals to hardware consumables and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items.

We are always looking to partner with new distributors and direct manufacturers. If you are interested in joining Banneker’s elite team of suppliers, please use the forms available on this page to provide us with your company information.


Interested in becoming a supplier for Banneker Supply Chain Solutions?

If so, then fill out our vendor information form, our Non-Disclosure Agreement, and the Rhode Island Resale Certificate by clicking on the downloadable forms below. Upon completion of these forms please send scanned copies ALONG WITH copies of your company’s W9, quality certifications, and any sales literature you wish to submit to Any additional questions you may have send to

Vendor Information Form

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Rhode Island Resale Certificate

To learn more about becoming a supplier, click on the button below to download Banneker Supply Chain Solutions Terms and Conditions.

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