Aerospace | Defense | Military

Growing aerospace & defense production rates demand accelerated flows, space optimization, and end-to-end visibility to meet shipping commitments. This is why greater agility & higher capacities for innovation are important. With over 30 years of expertise supporting some of the world’s top aerospace and defense contractors, Banneker has become synonymous with proven quality, reliability, and trust in accomplishing the mission. As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 compliant organization, we distinctively understand the stringent requirements involved in delivering our portfolio of services and products that support our Customers, the U.S. Government, and the Warfighter.

To meet these rigorous demands, Banneker invests significantly in our ISO, Lean Six Sigma, and other Continuous Improvement programs. Our proficiency in driving quality and customer success throughout our customer’s supply chains has resulted in numerous awards including; the U.S. SBA’s National Subcontractor of the Year Award and multiple supplier excellence awards from our Customers.

We help Tier I and Tier II manufacturers and distributors optimize their logistics operations through a distinctive mix of  maintenance and production logistics services, including:

      • Inbound Receiving and Quality Inspection
      • Secure Storage at the case, pallet, or bulk floor-storage level
      • Inventory Visibility with WMS and RF-barcode Tracking Technology
      • Order Management and Fulfillment with Value-Added Services
      • Specialized procurement, warehousing, inventory, and distribution
      • Production, assembly and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) support including Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing.
      • Spares management and product lifecycle sustainment support including performance-based logistics and surplus equipment disposal.
      • Managed shipping and freight transportation

Industrial Manufacturing

No matter how great the business strategy, if a manufacturer can’t deliver, its game over. In a fiercely competitive global environment, manufacturers turn to Banneker to gain a competitive edge and help them to simplify supply chain activities, enhance inventory visibility, gain control of their supply chains, and ultimately reduce total costs. Our unique knowledge of the manufacturing industry combined with sourcing, procurement management, vendor management and value-added warehousing capabilities help Customers rationalize their vendor base and inbound material flow. We support a wide range of goods including production parts, finished goods, unfinished raw metals, components, supplies, equipment, and excess inventory.

While typical logistics partners simply store Customer-owned inventory and ship based on production signals, Banneker does much more, including buying parts on our Customer’s behalf to deliver a vendor-managed inventory (VMI) solution that significantly reduces the transaction volume and related costs to get parts on the line where and when needed, and on budget. Automated replenishment ensures no empty bins or excess inventory to help Customers run leaner and more accurately with no stock-outs. We have proven past performance in supporting all or part of the supply chain, whether a single part or an entire bill of materials (BOM), we can ensure on time delivery to one, or multiple, locations. Our advanced kitting and packaging solutions to ensure Customers mechanics, engineers, and installers have everything they always need in a neat and organized kit ready at their fingertips.

Notable Manufacturing Awards

National Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award – U.S. SBA
Manufacturing Partner Award – Rhode Island Manufacturing Association

Retail & Business-to-Business (B2B)

Supplying today’s multi-location retailers can be a challenge to even the most sophisticated wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. We support small to large retailers with direct-to-distribution centers, direct-to-store, and drop ship programs. We can support door-to-door delivery dates and provide indirect & direct EDI communication with compliant case labeling.

Banneker specializes in filling orders from one business to another (B2B). Some Customers leverage us as their wholesale distribution center for their ecommerce and brick-and-mortar brands. We process bulk orders direct to both retail and non-retail customers, including fulfilling smaller quantity orders at the each, inner, piece, case, or pallet level to smaller stores and boutiques as well as mass retailers. Retailers and brands should partner with a 3PL partner like Banneker that understands and can execute both models.

We also support bulk storage and RF-based inventory management for B2B Customers who typically order and ship on a larger scale. Our ISO compliant and food grade warehouses offer both racked and bulk-floor storage environments with RF-barcode technology and tracking for tight inventory control.

Banneker also offers the electronic data interchange (EDI) compliant technology required by most large retailers and the technology integrations required by large marketplaces such as Amazon FBA. Our EDI solution can be integrated with our warehouse management system (WMS) and our carrier shipping selection system for a fully integrated distribution model giving Customers the extra edge in a very competitive global marketplace.

Today’s vendor routing guides and retailer compliance manuals are complex and ever changing. We are adept at the strict packaging and labeling requirements unique to each retailer and marketplace, using our retail compliance plans to help Customers avoid expensive chargebacks and penalties. Account Managers are responsible for administering the routing requirements and ensuring work instructions are communicated to the warehouse team for seamless execution. When the occasional chargeback does occur, we take swift action to investigate and defend Customers against retailer claims and while continuously working to improve our program.

If you’re interested in looking at new ways to optimize and grow your Industry’s supply chain operations, contact Banneker today.