Aerospace and Defense

With over 30 years of expertise supporting the world’s top Aerospace & Defense (A&D) contractors, Banneker’s name has become synonymous with proven quality, on-time delivery, total value and mission success. Banneker Supply Chain Solutions helps A&D companies optimize their manufacturing operations through a distinctive mix of services including;

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Inspection
  • Value Added Warehousing
  • Kitting/Integration
  • Fulfillment
  • Just In Time (JIT) Delivery
  • Transportation

As an ISO 9001, AS9100, and AIB food-grade compliant organization (previously ISO 14001 certified), Banneker also distinctively understands the stringent requirements involved in delivering our portfolio of services and products that support our Customers, the U.S. Government, and the Warfighter.

To meet these rigorous demands, Banneker invests significantly in our ISO, Lean Six Sigma, and other Continuous Improvement programs. Our proficiency in driving quality and customer success throughout our customer’s supply chains has resulted in numerous awards including; the U.S. SBA’s National Subcontractor of the Year Award and multiple supplier excellence awards from our Customers.

Federal and State Governments

Simply put, the supply chain needs of Federal, State and Local Governments are different. Whether tasked with providing services to the Military, DoD, or other agencies, Government stakeholders deserve the most affordable solutions on the market and should be delivered 100% quality, delivery and accuracy, every time. Government agencies rely on Banneker Supply Chain Solutions to:

  • Confront budget constraints
  • Deliver best-of-breed technology
  • Respond to demands for greater efficiency and effectiveness

Some services we offer to support your branch’s supply chain is our Government Property Management (GPM). GPM addresses the complex processes, cumbersome administration and high costs associated with the management of Government property and Government-owned assets. While our Government Disposition Center (GPDC) solution addresses the complex processes, and high costs associated with the end lifecycle management of Government-owned assets and related capital items.

Government Property Management (GPM)

With almost 30 years of experience in managing Government-owned material directly for the Federal Government and the prime contractors who serve as property custodians, Banneker Supply Chain Solutions intimately understands and addresses the common challenges associated with the administration of Government Property (GP), including:

  • Limited number of personnel to handle the management of government property with over-reliance on front line employees, not subject matter experts
  • Incredibly manual processes related to storing, tracking, measuring and providing visibility of assets
  • Coordination and costs of utilizing several vendors and internal resources to help manage GP (i.e. storage, transportation, audits, disposition, etc.)

Banneker’s GPM delivers real value to the Government and businesses alike in many ways by:

  • Reducing costs through the consolidation of internal resources and external vendors to Banneker as a single partner and interface
  • Transforming Government Property management from a cost center to a strategic competitive advantage with a partner who understands the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 45 and 52 including DD-1149 and DD-250 requirements
  • Augmenting the customer’s property administration staff to assist with other Federal requirements such as auditing (including onsite audits at the customer’s locations)

Government Property Disposition Center

The Challenge

For several years one of the world’s largest Aerospace/Defense Prime Contractors had issues regarding the end lifecycle processes and management of their Government Property, including:

  • Inaccurate inventory
  • Lack of visibility
  • Failed DCMA audits
  • Concerns regarding material integrity (FOE/FOD)
  • Limited staff resources.

How It Works

  • Banneker receives Government-owned property and prior to put away, validates the kind, count and condition, security level, storage requirements and other associated documentation.
  • Collaborating with the customer, Banneker Supply Chain Solutions confirms and acknowledges receipt, furnishing any required reports.
  • Once authorization has been given to move the material (i.e. scrap, demolition, demilitarization, sell-off, cannibalization, etc.), Banneker works together with our strategic vendors to validate that the disposition process is fulfilled, all paperwork has been completed, all systems updated and all stakeholders notified accordingly.


No matter how great the business strategy, if a manufacturer can’t deliver, its game over. In a fiercely competitive global environment, companies turn to Banneker Supply Chain Solutions to gain a competitive edge. Banneker Supply Chain Solutions can help customers simplify supply chain processes, enhance inventory visibility, gain control of their supply chains and ultimately reduce total costs.

Customer’s benefit from Banneker’s sourcing, procurement management, vendor management and value added warehousing capabilities to rationalize their vendor base and inbound material flow. On the outbound side, Banneker provides custom kitting, product integration and just in time (JIT) delivery both domestically and internationally.

Notable Manufacturing Awards

2008 National Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award – U.S. SBA
Manufacturing Partner Award – Rhode Island Manufacturing Association

Commercial & Retail

For Commercial and Retail customers looking for a partner who is willing to create tailored solutions while working within rigorous requirements and a demanding supply chain, Banneker Supply Chain Solutions is the perfect fit. Focused on understanding our customers’ current state and challenges, Banneker collaborates with small, medium and large retailers and ecommerce to help streamline and automate distribution center processes to reduce labor, cycle times and costs.

Banneker’s unique retail expertise includes:

  • Cross-Docking & Consolidations
  • Value Added Warehousing
  • Direct-to-Store Replenishment
  • Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment
  • Assembly & Packaging
  • Returns Management
  • Value-Added Services
  • Freight Management
If you’re interested in looking at new ways to optimize and grow your Industry’s supply chain operations, contact Banneker today.