If your distribution and fulfillment operation is struggling with…

  • Redundant or manual processes?
  • Complaints or bad online reviews?
  • Poor warehouse layouts or flows?
  • Missed SLA’s or chargebacks?
  • Delayed receipts or late orders?
  • Mis-shipped or damaged goods?
  • Limited inventory visibility and poor accuracy?
  • Ineffective or non-existant tracking systems?
  • Poor customer support, follow-up, proactive communication, or accountability?
  • Inability to meet the changing demands of your growing business?
  • Lack of collaboration or continuous improvement?

…then maybe it’s time to turn to Banneker.

Outsourcing omnichannel and ecommerce fulfillment to Banneker gives Customers the ability to scale easily, adapt quickly, and reduce capital investments and operational complexity—all while increasing efficiency and profitability. We also support multichannel fulfillment whereby a separate inventory for each is siloed by sales channels. Simplify your inventory control and shipping processes with a holistic omnichannel and ecommerce fulfillment strategy across multiple stores, sales channels, and online marketplaces. 

Our efficient onboarding process, flexible pricing, order management, inventory visibility, value-added services, and cost-effective shipping options deliver a total solution from fast-growing brands to established omnichannel retailers. We also support Customers that utilize a mix of Amazon sales channels including Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) weekly replenishment, Marketplace Drop Shipping, and Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Banneker’s web-based WMS integrates into a wide variety of Customers systems through EDI integration, flat-file transfers, or a manual and more personalized approach. Our structured and standardized customer onboarding and implementation process is led by a certified Project Manager and typically takes 30 to 90 days to get Customers up and running.

Value-Added Services

Our value-added services enable Customers to add distinction and brand touchpoints and include kitting, bundling, FBA-prep, packaging, UPC labeling and relabeling, ticketing, light assembly, returns management, and more. Our web-based WMS platform give Customers effortless access to reports and the ability to update, cancel, or re-route orders. We can quickly select the best small parcel carrier rates based on Customer’s specific transit preferences maximizing savings and profits through our built-in shipping management features. According to Forbes, approximately 16% of all ecommerce shipments will be returned. Using Banneker’s returns management services, Customers can take advantage of our capability to process returns, identify inventory for resale, refurbish, repackage, and restock items or stage for authorized disposal…all within 24 to 48 hours.

Selecting the right e-commerce fulfillment partner is vital to your business and we are here for the journey. Check out this Forbes article on Choosing the Right 3PL for Your Brand and see how Banneker compares. 

Reach out today and experience Omnichannel Fulfillment the Banneker way!

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