The emergence and growth of ecommerce and online shopping which happens being only a click away makes it necessary to have a robust supply chain management system. With increasing demand in addition to product lines and delivery times that are faster than ever, online retailers have become the one stop shops for many. Business owners have the option of handing logistics themselves – which is time-consuming or they can outsource these functions to a professional fulfillment service. What sets a good eCommerce logistics provider apart is the value they are providing to their customers.

What Banneker Can Do For You?

Banneker Supply Chain Solutions is built to exceed your customer’s expectations so you can focus on your business growth. Our Team is passionate about customer success and delivering tailored services. With our diverse and deep experience building third party solutions for manufacturers of consumer goods and industrial products as wells as wholesalers and distributors, we will help you solve your critical supply chain challenges. Banneker lessens the burden and let you concentrate on your core competencies as a business, drive efficiency, and support more profitable operations.

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Banneker uniquely understands the critical importance of clear and open communications when implementing and executing your plans. You will have an Account Relationship Manager who will serve as a dedicated representative and “voice of the Customer” inside Banneker. As needed, other point-of-contacts will be identified and added to the team including operational/warehouse, supply chain, and quality representatives.

Selecting the right e-commerce fulfillment partner for your business is vital and we will be with you in your journey. Reach out today and experience the Banneker way!

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